60+ Funniest Birthday Jokes For Kids

Birthday Jokes Children

Did you know? Statistics have revealed that those who have the most birthdays live the longest. That was a good one, isn’t it? And this isn’t the only joke inspired by birthday. There are tonnes of jokes, one-liner and even quotes inspired by the special day we all are honored with. So sit back and have a hearty laugh because today we have got you all funniest birthday jokes for kids.

Funny Birthday Jokes For Kids:

Birthday Joke For Kids


1. The Best Gift For Hunters:

Q: What gift will you get a hunter for his birthday?

A: A birthday pheasant.

Birthday joke template

2. Hard Rock Cake:

Q: Why was the birthday cake baked by you as hard as a rock?

A: Because I baked a marble cake!

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3. Life Just Doesn’t Cease To Surprise Us:

Did you know? I was so surprised when I was born that I did not talk for a year and a half.

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4. Get The Birthday Candles Now!

Have you ever wondered why we put birthday candles on top of the cake? That’s because it would not make sense to put them at the bottom.

5. Birthday Celebration Of Trees:

Q: How was the birthday of the tree you attended last night?

A: It was a sappy one!

Birthday Jokes For Kids

6. Birthday Gift For The Elephant:

Q: What do you think would be the best birthday gift for an elephant?

A: An elephant won’t be too happy with just one gift. You would have to give him a ‘trunk’ full of gifts.

7. Cat’s Favorite Food:

Q: What does a cat love having most on its birthday?

A: Mice cream!

Birthday Jokes Kids

8. A Bald Man’s Birthday:

A bald man was given a comb on his birthday as a gift. Can you guess what he said on receiving the gift?

“Thanks for the gift. I will never part with it.

Birthday Party Jokes For Kids

9. Birthday Parties In Heaven:

Q: Have you wondered what they serve in heaven on birthday parties?

A: Angel food cake.

Birthday Party Jokes

10. The Bear Is Stuffed:

The teddy bear was offered some cake, but he refused. Do you know why?

Because he was stuffed!

Birthday riddle for kids

11. Elves’ Favorite Cake:

Q: Do you know the type of cakes elves prefer the most?

A: Shortcake!

Birthday Riddles for Kids

12. Knock Knock Birthday Joke:

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Sue who?
Sue-prize!! Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Joke For Kids


13. Birthdays Are Always Win-Win For Everyone:

Do not be sad when no one turns up for your birthday. Wondering why? Because you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

Funniest Birthday Jokes For Kids


14. Mark’s Here!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Mark who?
Mark your calendar, because my birthday is just around the corner.

Funny Birthday Joke Kids

15. Birthday Song For Cows:

Q: What do you sing to cows on their birthdays?
A: Happy birthday to moo, happy birthday to moo!

Funny Birthday Jokes For Children

16. Soaprize Party:

Q. Why was the girl given a soap as a birthday gift?

A: Because it was a soaprize party!

Funny Birthday Jokes For Kids

17. Roar! It’s Your Birthday:

What did the lioness say to her cub on his birthday?

It’s roar birthday!

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18. Not Everyone Likes Pop Music:

Q: What kind of music do balloons absolutely detest?

A: Pop music!


19. A Freezy Birthday!

Q: Which song do you sing a snowman on his birthday?

A: “Freeze a jolly good fellow…”

Funny Birthday Party Joke For Kids

20. Birthday Riddle For Kids:

Q: Which of these birthday candles live the longest? Red, blue or green?

A: Neither, because all of these candles get shorter when they are burnt.

Hilarious Birthday Jokes

21. You Just Can’t Be Grumpy On Someone’s Birthday:

Q: Why are the candles grumpy on birthdays?

A: Because they are burnt!

22. True Friend, Indeed:

Q: Who is the truest friend in the whole world?

A: The one who remembers your birthday, but not your age 😛

Kids Birthday Jokes

23. That’s Pretty Disappointing:

Q: Why was the caveman unable to send out birthday card to his friend?

A: Because the address stamp kept falling off his rock.

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24. Because Everyone Wants To Be The Center Of Attention On Their Birthdays:

Q. Why did the young lad dress up in a tuxedo for his birthday?

A: So that he could have the best presence.

25. Most Favorite Game Of The Rabbits:

Which is the most favorite game of the rabbits on birthday parties?

A: Musical hares, of course!

Hilarious Funny Birthday Jokes For Kids

26. Please Forget About It:

Forget about the past, because you cannot change it.
Forget about the future, because you cannot predict it.
Forget about the present, because I did not get you one.

27. Date Of Birth, In A Fun Way:

When is your birthday?

20th April.

And year?

Every year! 😛

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28. When The Birthday Boy Has A Huge Nose:

Harry: I thought of getting a handkerchief as your birthday present.

Sally: Great! So did you get one?

Harry: No, I couldn’t find one big enough for your nose.

29. Someone’s Not Happy On Their Birthday:

Q: Why are kangaroos seldom happy on their birthday?

A: Because they get to celebrate it only in leap years.

30. Make Friends With Kids:

One should always have kids as friends. It’s an excellent way to get free cake at least once a year.

These birthday jokes for kids are not only for little ones. Even mommies can make use of them to bring a wide grin on the faces of their children on their special day.

You can even use the pictures as templates to make birthday invitation cards. And if you have any more hilarious birthday jokes for kids, let us know by commenting below. We would love to share it with our readers.


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