70 Hilarious Math Jokes For Kids

Math Jokes For Kids

Why does 6 look so afraid of seven? Because 7 8 (ate) 9. But why did 7 eat 9? Because he was instructed to have 3 squared meals a day 😛 Kids often find Mathematics difficult and a bit intimidating, which often makes them hate the subject. Basic arithmetic is pretty easy, but it goes downhill from there for most pupils. But there’s one way to make learning Math fun and that is, creating jokes out of it. And do you know what’s even more surprising? Math jokes make those who did not get the joke look into what makes it so funny, in the process, teaching them some obscure concepts.

So take a look at the funniest math jokes for kids below. It’s a really extensive list because we’ve got you jokes related to almost all areas of Mathematics, such as algebra, geometry, calculus and of course, basic math. We’ve even explained some of the jokes, where it was necessary. So be ready for a riot of laughter, no matter what problem you are facing.

70 Hilarious Math Jokes For KidsBest Math Jokes

1. Not So Smart Sheepdog

One day, a sheepdog decides to help his farmer by getting all the sheep into the pen. After sending the sheep into the pen, he returns back to the farm to inform the farmer that all 40 sheep have been sent safely to their haven.

The farmer says, “There are just 36 instead of 40. Just now I counted them”.

To this, the sheepdog replies, “Yes, I know. I just rounded them up for you”.

2. One Of The Best Wordplays On Math

Q. How do you find the best math tutor in the city?

A. You place an ‘add’.

Best Mathematics Jokes For Kids

3. We Can Bet Even The Best Of Mathematicians Won’t Be Able To Answer This Question

Q. How many sides do you find in a circle?

A. Two- inside and outside.

Best Mathematics Jokes

4. Fair Enough For The Dog

Q. Why did the dog cross the Mobius strip?

A. Because he wanted to get to the same side.

Funniest Math Jokes

5. Now That’s An Obedient Student

Q. Why did the math student do his homework on the floor?

A. Because his teacher instructed him not to use tables.

6. At Least One Monster Is Good At Mathematics

Q. Which monster is good at math?

A. No one actually, unless you Count Dracula!

Funny Math Jokes For Children

7. Only The Smartest Will Get It

There are ten types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don’t.

8. Yes, Even Snakes Are Good At Math!

Q. Which type of snake in best at math?

A. The adders.

Funny Math Jokes For Kids

9. Someone’s Mad!

Q. What did one algebra book say to the other?

A. Please do not bother me right now. I’ve to deal with my own problems.

Funny Math Jokes

10. Definitely Trying It This Winter:

Q. What is the best way to keep warm in a square room?

A. You huddle right into the corner, where it’s always 90 degrees.

11. Isn’t It A Favorite Of Humans As Well?

Q. What is the most favorite type of math of birds?

A. Owl-gebra

Funny Mathematics Jokes For Children

12. That’s The Kind Of Reassurance We Need

Q. What did the calculator say to the student?

A. You can always count on me.

13. Another Excellent Math Pun:

Q. What tool does a mathematician use to plow a field?

A, A Pro-tractor.

Geometry Joke For Kids

14. Well, Nothing Wrong In Being A Fitness Freak!

Q. Why did a circle do a flip?

A. Because he wanted to get in shape.

15. Math Riddle For Kids:

Q. If two is a company and three is a crowd, what are four and five?

A. 9

Hilarious Math Jokes

16. Another Math Riddle To Crack You Up!

Q. On a fine spring Sunday, two dads and two sons decide to go fishing. Luck strikes and each of them catch one fish. But they bring just three fish home? Can you tell why?

A. Because a grandfather, his son and his son’s son went fishing. Hence, there were just three people.

Jokes On Math

17. He’s Not Completely Wrong!

Math Teacher:

If I had 7 apples in one hand and 8 oranges in another, what would I have?


Big hands, maybe!

18. Halloween Math Joke For Kids:

Q. If you divide the circumference of a Jack-O-Lantern by its diameter, what would you get?

A. A pumpkin pi!

Math Joke For Kids

19. The Best Way To Improve Your Math!

Why did the student wear spectacles during math class?

Because it would improve di-vision.

20. Not A Very Delicious Cake, unfortunately!

Q. Why did the girl eat her math homework?

A. Because her math teacher told her that it was just a piece of cake.

Math Jokes For Children

21. We Can Feel The Plot Thickening

Do not trust a math teacher holding a graph paper. They could be plotting something.

22. There’s Always Someone In The Group

Q. What do you call friends who love Mathematics?

A. Algebros

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23. Yes, Even Numbers Tend To Wander!

Q. What is the term for numbers that always wander?

A. A roamin’ numeral

24. Even Numbers Have Lunch

Q. Why did the two 4s refuse to have lunch?

A. Because they already 8 (ate)!

Math Jokes For Middle School

25. Christmas Math Joke For Kids

Q. Why is an artificial Christmas tree like the fourth root of -68?

A. Because neither of the two has real roots!

Math Jokes For Teachers

26. The Voice Mail Of A Math Professor

Q. What are you most likely to hear in the voicemail of a Math professor?

A. “The number you have dialed does not exist. Please, rotate your phone by 90 degrees and then try again.

27. Indeed It Is (Not)

You should never really let advanced math intimidate you. Because It’s as easy as pi!

Math Puns For Kids

28. Now That’s A Situation

Q. Why was the fraction feeling apprehensive about marrying the decimal?

A. Because for that he would need to convert.

29. That Got Us Right In The Feels

Q. Why does the obtuse triangle always sulk?

A. Because it is never right!

Math Puns

30. A Clever Math Pun

Q. What do you call an empty parrot cage?

A. A polygon (A polly gone).

31. The Best Way To Enjoy Summers

Q. What is the perfect term for a man who spent his entire summer holidays at the beach?

A. A tangent (a tan gent)

Maths Jokes For Kids

32. Odd One Out!

Boy 1: Do you know what seems most odd to me?

Boy 2? No. What is it?

Boy 1: Numbers that cannot be divided by two.

Short Math Jokes For Kids

33. Someone’s Completely Frustrated With Math

I can do anything in Math. I can do trigonometry, I can do algebra, I can even do statistics. But graphing is where I draw the line.

34. Nature Loving Math Teacher

Q. Why are math teachers so fond of forests?

A. Because of all the natural logs found there.

Short Math Jokes

35. Painfully Long It Was

Student 1: Why was the math class so long today?

Student 2: Because the teacher kept going off on a tangent.

36. That Would Be A Pretty Dangerous Snake

Q. What type of snake is a math teacher most likely to keep as pet?

A. A pi-thon

Statistics Jokes

37. Never Really Thought That Way!

Q. How can you make seven an even number?

A. Remove the ‘s’ and voila!

38. A Formula Even Humans Can Apply

Q. How did the ghost solve quadratic equations?

A. He did it by completing the scare!

39. I Was Just Trying To Make Peace Between Them

The other day, I saw Pi fighting with the square root of two. I chided them and told them to stop being so irrational.

40. Probably The Easiest Way We Can Think Of

Q. How can you make the time fly?

A. Just throw a clock out of the window!

Winter Math Jokes

41. All Hail The King!

Q. Who is the king of a geometry case?

A. The ruler!

42. It’s High Time Math Book Starts Working On Its Own Problems

Q. Why did the math book get poor marks?

A. Because it never did its own work.

43. No One Can Endure Heat, Even Triangles

Q. Why did the obtuse angle put on the air conditioner?

A. Because it was 90 degrees and he was feeling hot!

44. Super Fun Math Riddle For Kids

Q. How can you make one disappear? Think think…

A. Add ‘g’ to the beginning and it will be gone!

45. A Math Riddle Anyone Can Solve

Q. What number only goes up?

A. Your age!

46. Too Gross!

Q. Why should you never say 288 in school?

A. Because its two gross (Those who didn’t get it, 144 is called a gross).

47. 2 Fast 2 Furious:

Q. What did 2 say to 4 after it beat him in a race?

A. 2 Fast 4 U!

All these math jokes are neat, clean, long, short, hilarious and easy enough for kids to understand. Furthermore, parents can use these jokes as an opportunity to talk about the topic of math with kids. It’s probably the best way to make math fun for them. Besides, even teachers can crack a few of these jokes in the classroom to lighten up the mood, because, let’s be honest, math can sometimes get on the nerves. You can even download the pictures to forward to your friends and family. Please ensure to use it for non-commercial purposes only. We’ll be back with another collection of jokes for kids. Until then, check out our articles on Summer Jokes for Kids and Birthday Jokes for Kids.


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