60 Summer Jokes For Kids

Summer Jokes Kids

So, friends, with the summer solstice falling on the 21st June, summers have officially arrived. On the summer solstice, the sun appears to stop, paving way for longer daylight and of course, summer fun.

There’s more than one thing children love during summers. The longer days, (of course), the promise of vacation with friends and family, and the nod from parents that it’s absolutely okay to have ice creams round the clock. Since summers are so much fun, we decided to make it even better by getting our readers a collection of summer jokes for kids. So children, celebrate the end of the school year with these funny summer jokes for kids. We’re sure you will like them.

Funny Summer Jokes For Kids

1. And This Solves Thousands Of Years Old Riddle

Q. Why don’t mummies go on summer vacation:

A. Because they are scared to relax and unwind!Best Summer Jokes For Kids

2. That Was Punny!

Q. Where do eggs go for summer vacation?

A. New Yolk 😛

3. This Is The Funniest Of The Lot

Q. Why are basketball players afraid of going on summer vacation?

A. Because they feel they might get called for traveling.

Best Summer Jokes

4. Loafing Around, Indeed

Q. Do you have any clue what bread does on vacation?

A. It loafs around!

Free Summer Jokes For Kids

5. Who Said Only Humans Can Go On Vacation?

Josh. What is gray in color, has 4 legs and a trunk?

Gia: An elephant?

Josh: No, a mouse enjoying his vacation on a beach!

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6. An Elephant’s Trunk Is Very Handy

Q. Why didn’t the elephant buy a suitcase to stuff his clothes for vacation?

A. Because he already has trunks!

7. At Least Scots Don’t Have To Endure Heat!

Q. What is the official term of six weeks of rain in Scotland?

A. Summer

Funny Summer Jokes For Kids

8. Now That’s An Intelligent Tip?

Q. What’s the best way to prevent a summer cold?

A. Umm, how about catching it in winter?

Funny Summer Jokes

9. A Fun Summer Riddle For Kids

Q. Tell us one instance when you go at red and stop at green?

A. It’s during the time you eat watermelon.

10. That’s A New Type Of Sport

Q. Why did the athlete put salt on her food while she was on summer vacation?

A. That’s because she wanted to perform summer salts.

Hilarious Summer Jokes

11. The Smartest Boy Ever!

One day, during the summer vacation, my three-year-old brother scared the wits out of everyone by disappearing. Each one of us, including our aunt and uncle, looked through the shoreline and forest. After a couple of hours, we found him chasing butterflies in the woods. Our worried mother told him sharply, “Listen, Jack, from today onwards, whenever you want to go someplace, you tell me first. Is that okay? Jack thought for a while and said, “Okay, I want to go to Disney World tomorrow”!

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12. That’s How They ‘Bear’ Summers

Q. How do you the bears keep their homes cool during summers?

A. By using bear conditioners.

Jokes About Summer Heat

13. Another Great Wordplay!

Q. What do we call a dog enjoying his summer vacation on a beach?

A. A hot dog 😛

Jokes About Summer Vacation

14. Now That’s A Really Good One!

Q. How does the sun drink water?

A. Out of sunglasses!

Jokes For Summer

15. Because Everyone Needs Sun Protection!

Q. Why do bananas always apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun?

A. Because they peel.

Most Funny Summer Jokes

16. For A Healthy Breakfast

Q. What do whales pair their bread with?

A. Jellyfish

Summer Jokes For Kid

17. One Of Its Variation Is Our Favorite Too!

Q. What is the most favorite drink of a frog?

A. Croak-a-Cola!

Summer Jokes For Kid

18. Isn’t It The Coolest?

Q. What letter is the coolest in the entire alphabet?

A. Iced T

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19. Even Humans Love Doing It In Summers?

Q. How do sheep spend their summer vacations?

A. By organizing a ba-ba-cue.

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20. That Actually Makes Sense:

Q. What is that one race which no one can run?

A. A swimming race.

21. That’s No Brainer, Isn’t it?

Q. What’s required for holding the sun up in the sky?

A. Sunbeams!

Summer Jokes For Kids

22. That’s My Favorite, Too

Q. What do you give a pup in summers to provide respite from heat?

A. A pupsickle 😛

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23. That’s A Moo Point

Q. Which is the most favorite summer vacation destination of cows?

A. Moo York City!

24. We’re Not surprised By The Answer

Q. Where do ants like to travel in their summer vacations?

A. Frants 😛

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25. That Was His Way Of Enjoying Summers

Q. Which European artist enjoyed working only in summers?

A. A: Pierre August Renoir.

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26. We Are Totally Considering This Name

Q. What would you name a cat living at the beach?

A. Sandy Claws.

27. We Might Think Twice Before Binging On Those

Q. What type of food do kids prefer when they’re at the beach?

A: Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches.

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28. Can’t-Wait To Try That Dessert

Q. Which is the most popular dessert at a summer beach party?

A. Beach pie.

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29. Even My Father Likes It

Q. What is the favorite treat of dads during summers?

A. POPsickles!

30. Pixar Could Make Toy Story 5 Out Of This Joke

Q. How do trains spend their summer vacation?

A. By playing beach trolleyball.

Summer Vacation Jokes For Kids

31. Something’s Fishy

Q. Why were the cops called at the summer beach party?

A. Because the guests sensed something fishy going on.

32. Although, I think Everyone Would Be Great To Visit A Beach

Q. What is the best day to visit a beach?

A. SUNday

Summer Vacation Jokes For Kids

33. This Cracked Me Up

Q. What did one tide pool say to another?

A. Show me your mussels.

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34. I Think That’s Kinda Fair

Q. Why don’t oysters ever share their pearl?

A. Because they are shellfish.

35. Shark’s Favorite Treat:

Q. What do sharks like to eat for dinner?

A. Fish and ships.

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36. Another Hilarious Summer Joke For Kids

Q. When do the ships go when they fall sick?

A. To the DOCK.

So these were our handpicked collection of summer jokes for kids. These summer vacation jokes for kids are clean, hilarious and safe for all ages. You can use them for summer themed parties, or send them via text messages to cheer your friends and relatives. Kids can even make a game out of them, by asking the listeners to try not to laugh while hearing the jokes. We’ve even got pictures, which you can use for noncommercial purposes. And if you’ve got any more summer jokes for kids to share, leave us in the comment section below.


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