21 Free Letter C Worksheets and Printable

Letter C worksheets for kids

When learning is stressful, it becomes hard for us to fully retain what is being taught. That is why it is crucial to have a fun, active, and positive environment so that children are able to absorb everything that is being taught, be it in classrooms or at home. Keeping learning fun, informative and exciting for you is this collection of worksheets all about the letter C.

With this collection, you will learn how to write the letter C in both uppercase and lowercase, while also learning to differentiate between the two. There are also worksheets to help you or your kids identify images beginning with the letter C as well as learning the words for each of them. Along with playing match the words and images, there are also some exciting coloring games.

Let’s not wait any further and begin this fun journey through this collection of letter C worksheets and printable.

21 Free Letter C Worksheets and Printable

  1. Letter C Activity Sheet for Kids:

Alphabet C activity sheet for kids

The first activity requires your writing skills along with your cutting and pasting skills. Both the uppercase and lowercase of the letter C are waiting for you to trace them expertly. Then finish this activity by cutting the images starting with the letter C at the bottom and pasting them in the empty squares above.

  1. Letter C Worksheet for Kids:

Alphabet C worksheets for kids

Next up, we have a worksheet that is perfect for kids, especially for those who are learning to color. The given table has several random letters written in each box. The task is to color only those boxes which contain the letter C and leave the others blank. Print this worksheet and start coloring.

  1. C for Cabbage Worksheet:

C for Cabbage worksheet

Green leafy vegetables are nutritious and good for your body. This worksheet has colorfully illustrated a green vegetable that starts with the letter C, a cabbage. Trace this C is for the cabbage worksheet and then write it on your own on the next line.

  1. C for Cat Worksheet for Kids:

C for cat worksheet for kids

After the leafy and nutritious cabbage worksheet, here we have another image that starts with the letter C. This time it’s an animal. It’s C for cat. Cats are feline creatures, related to the big cats in the wild like the tigers. Looking so adorable, this cute cat illustration needs your coloring skills.

  1. C for Cherry Worksheet:

C for Cherry worksheet

You have already worked on a vegetable and an animal starting with the letter C, now on this worksheet, we have a fruit. It is C for cherry. Color the large illustration of the cherries in red with green for the leaves. Once you are done, skillfully trace the letter C, both the uppercase and lowercase.

  1. C for Clam Worksheet:

C for Clam worksheet

Illustrated on the top and the bottom of this worksheet is a sea creature starting with the letter C. This is C for clam. There is also a giant letter C in the middle of the worksheet. Print this page and fill in colors on both the clams as well as the uppercase letter C.

  1. C for Clown Worksheet:

C for Clown worksheet for kids

Here is someone who is known to be funny and entertaining. We are talking about C for clown. However, there have also been adaptations where clowns are portrayed as scary. Don’t worry, this clown is jovial and will be fun to color. Once done, you can trace the letter C and the words written at the bottom.

  1. Circle the Letter C and Other Activity Worksheet:


Circle the letter C

This fun worksheet combines several different activities into one. To get started, you will have to figure out the letter C among other letters and circle them. The next part involves writing down both the uppercase letter C and lowercase c five times. This one should be easy; writing down words beginning with C. Finally, you need to draw something that starts with the letter C.

  1. Color and Write Letter C Worksheet:

Color and write alphabet C worksheet

Foodie inspiration awaits you on this worksheet. It’s deliciously sweet as well as cheesy. As illustrated, you can see a two-tier birthday cake and a slice of cheese on this worksheet, both starting with the letter C. Give them each some tasty colors before finally tracing the uppercase and lowercase of the letter C or c.

  1. Color the Images Starting with the Letter C:

Color the images starting with the letter c

Time to test how much you have learned to trace the letter C on this worksheet. So, first, let’s practice the uppercase and the lowercase of the letter C by tracing the given samples. After you have finished writing, check out the images illustrated at the bottom and only color those images which begin with the letter C.

  1. Cursive Letter C Worksheet:

Cursive Letter C Worksheet

You have traced the letter C in its usual manner, writing in vertical handwriting. Now, it’s time to try your hand at a more stylish writing practice. Here on this worksheet, you have a cursive letter C in both uppercase and lowercase for you to write. Once you get comfortable writing in cursive, you can begin writing the words on the lower half of the page.

  1. Letter C Coloring Page:

Letter C coloring page

Giving you a more artistic take on the third letter of the English alphabet, this page comes with a giant letter C decorated with beautiful flowering plants. Print this coloring page and fill the flowers with your favorite colors. You can use just one or different colors to color these flowers.

  1. Letter C Recognition Worksheet:

Letter C Recognition Worksheet

Knowing the words for things, be it living or inanimate objects is only one part of learning. Being able to identify what those things look like is another important step. Here on this worksheet, you can see some images along with their names starting with the letter C. However, the letter C seems to be missing. Write down the letter C to complete the words.

  1. Letter C Sound Worksheet:

Letter C Sound worksheet

Now that you have learned to recognize the words and their respective images, here is a worksheet to make you familiar with how these words sound. But first, you need to trace the uppercase and lowercase of the letter C. Read aloud the names of each of the images as you fill in their accurate colors.

  1. Letter C Thumbprint Worksheet:

Letter C thumbprint worksheet

You can turn this worksheet into a playful activity using your thumbprints.  The images starting with the letter C are colorfully designed. However, each of them has blank circles with the letter C. Use the precise colors and your thumbprint to complete this activity worksheet.

  1. Giant Letter C and Images for Kids:

Letter C worksheet for kids

This fun exercise also employs the recognition technique. This humongous letter C written on this worksheet comes with several different images inside. Yes, all these images have names that begin with the letter C. Print this worksheet and identify the images so you can color them accordingly.

  1. Letter Case Differentiation Worksheet:

Letter Case Differentiation worksheet

Trying to differentiate the uppercase and the lowercase of the letter C can be a bit tricky as they are both written in the same manner. You will have to use the visual clue of identifying the lowercase c by its size; being smaller than the uppercase letter C. Once you have identified which letter C is uppercase, color those circles with a red marker and fill in blue colors in those circles having lowercase letter c.

  1. Lowercase C Tracing Worksheet:

Lowercase C tracing worksheet

With all the tracing of the letter C, you have done so far in this collection, you will now be able to write the letter as quickly as this car can move. To test your skills, here is a worksheet dedicated to the lowercase of the letter c. Trace the letter for the first few lines before moving on to the words beginning with the letter C.

  1. Match the Words with the Images:

Match the words with the images

Similar to the recognition skills to identify the words along with the images starting with the letter C, this worksheet is a fun game of the match. The problem is the images on the left and the words on the right are not aligned correctly. You need to match these images and words correctly.

  1. Trace the Words Starting with the Letter C:

Trace the words starting with the letter c

Continuing with words and images that begin with the letter C, this worksheet is a writing exercise. The images like the cabin and cupcake are colorfully drawn on the left with the words written on the right, waiting for you to trace them properly.

  1. Uppercase C Tracing Worksheet:

Upper case C tracing worksheet

Like a camera that captures all the details in a moment, you will have to accurately trace the letter C on this worksheet. You worked through the lowercase letter c tracing exercise earlier, now it’s time for the uppercase letter C.

With that uppercase letter C worksheet, we have reached the end of this fun, colorful, and educative collection dedicated to the third alphabet, C, of the English alphabet. You can keep practicing your skills as you go about your day, by identifying things you see around you that begin with the letter C. You can even turn it into a fun game with your family and friends.


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