20 Free Letter B Worksheets and Printable

Letter B worksheets for kids

Learning anything new can be daunting and hard. What makes it easier is mostly in the way we learn. Making your lessons of the English alphabet full of fun and enjoyable activity, we bring you a collection of worksheets dedicated to the second letter. Before you start, make sure to check out and practice the Letter A worksheets.

Letter B is the second letter of the English alphabet and is more rounded in shape, unlike letter A which is triangular. These worksheets will help you practice your handwriting by tracing the letter or writing on your own, drawing and coloring things starting with letter B, and even playing match the words and images. Get to know all about the letter B through this collection of letter B worksheets and printable.

20 Free Letter B Worksheets and Printable

  1. B for Banana Worksheet:

B for banana worksheet

Starting off today’s collection is a fruit starting with the letter B. As you can see in this worksheet, the fruit is banana which is illustrated along with both the uppercase and lowercase letter B. Print this worksheet and trace both the cases of the letter B or b.

  1. B for Bicycle Worksheet:

B for bicycle worksheet

Next up we have something that can be used to transport ourselves from one to the other that begins with the letter B. Yes, it is B for bicycles. Perhaps, one of the first things we learn to ride as a kid. If you have a bicycle, then be sure to fill this illustration with the same color as yours, while you trace this worksheet.

  1. B for Bird Worksheet:

B for bird worksheet

After a fruit and an object, we now move on to something else starting with the letter B. Going by the illustration, you can easily tell that it is B for birds. While one of the two birds is safely perched on a branch, the other is flying high in the sky. Print this worksheet and fill it with flying colors.

  1. Circle and Write Letter B Worksheet:

Circle and Write Letter B worksheet

This worksheet lets you do a few things involving the letter B. First, you need to circle the letter B or b among the given letters, followed by writing down five times each both the letter b or B. Next, you need to come up with few words starting with the letter B, before finally drawing something beginning with the same letter.

  1. Color and Write Letter B:

Color and Write Letter B

Did you think of a book or a bat while thinking of a word or an image starting with the letter B in the previous worksheet? If yes, then here we have illustrations of both these items on this worksheet for you to color. Thereafter, trace both the cases of the letter B or b at the bottom.

  1. Cursive Letter B Worksheet:

Cursive Letter B Worksheet

Cursive writing adds an element of style and design to our letter writing. It also gives flow to our writing. On this worksheet, we have both the cursive uppercase and lowercase letter B for you to practice. Also, don’t forget to trace the few cursive words starting with the letter b.

  1. Letter B Sound Worksheet:

Letter B Sound worksheet

Now that you have learned how to write in simple as well as cursive lettering, with this worksheet you can learn to practice the sound of the letter B. Communication is not only about writing, more so it is about talking. You need to read each of the words aloud as you color them. Before you do that, trace the letter B or b, given on top.

  1. Letter B Activity Sheet for Kids:

Letter B activity sheet for kids

Unlike the previous worksheet, this one already has colored illustrations. There are also no letters to trace. This imaginative worksheet requires you to cut out the three different pieces. Then, you can stick them together in such a way that you create the letter B. Be careful with the scissors when you are cutting!

  1. Artistic Letter B Coloring Page:

Letter B coloring page

Floral inspiration awaits you on this page that skillfully combines the letter B with a blossoming plant. Bring out your artistic and creative side by filling in beautiful colors for the plant – shades of green for the stem and leaves, and any bright color of your choice for the flowers. While you are coloring, don’t forget to add some to the giant letter B as well.

  1. Letter B Dot Art Worksheet:

Letter B Dot Art worksheet

If you enjoyed coloring on the previous sheet, get ready to do some more coloring here as well. This dot art with the giant letter B needs some colors. You can connect all the dots by coloring them using the same color or you can fill the dots with a combination of your favorite colors.

  1. Letter B Recognition Worksheet:

Letter B recognition worksheet

Learning the English alphabet, you not only learn the letters and the words but also associate the words with the corresponding images. So, if you write a word starting with the letter b, you should be able to recognize the object too. Helping you do just that is this worksheet with illustrations of three things.

  1. Letter B Thumbprint Worksheet:

Letter B thumbprint worksheet

It’s time to color. But using your thumbs. Yes, you read that right. You can find images of different objects starting with the letter B on this worksheet. Each of these has blank circles with both uppercase and lowercase letter B or b, all you have to do is use your thumbs to color the objects. Make sure to use the precise color for each image.

  1. Letter B Worksheet for Kids:

Letter B worksheet for kids

After that thumbprint coloring, here we have something easier for you to work on. This giant Letter B illustration comes with several images that start with the letter. This simple worksheet is perfect for kids to learn about what objects, living or inanimate, begin with the second letter of the English alphabet.

  1. Letter B Case Differentiation Worksheet:

Letter Case differentiation worksheet

Both the uppercase and lowercase of the letter B or b are encircled on this worksheet. In order to learn how to properly recognize and differentiate an uppercase B from a lowercase b, this worksheet needs you to color the circles with lowercase b in blue color and the uppercase B circles in red.

  1. Letter Hunt Worksheet for Kids:

Letter Hunt worksheet for kids

This giant bell is hiding treasures of letter B along with other letters. Your treasure hunt task is to find both the uppercase and lowercase of the letter B or b and fill them with colors. If you enjoyed the earlier thumbprint coloring worksheet, you can follow the same fun coloring method for this worksheet as well.

  1. Match Letter B Words with Images:

Match the word with image

Now that you have practiced writing the letter B and also read up on words starting with the letter, here is a fun exercise to play. One side of the worksheet is illustrated with images that begin with the letter B and the other side has all the words. You need to match the right letter B words with the corresponding right images.

  1. Trace Lowercase B Worksheet:

Trace Lowercase B worksheet

Time for some revision by tracing the lowercase of the letter b. In addition to the lowercase, we also have a couple of words starting with the letter b – bus, ball, and balloon. There is even an illustration of three balloons at the top right corner which you can fill with your favorite colors. After tracing the words, the first time, you need to write them on the blank spaces provided.

  1. Trace the Words Starting with Letter B:

Trace the Words Starting with Letter B

This next worksheet will not only require you to write the lowercase but also the uppercase of the letter B, along with a few other letters. That’s because we are tracing words starting with the letter B on this worksheet. You also have a visual aid of those words illustrated beautifully in colors. Some of these things you might be seeing on a daily basis like bread or bottle.

  1. Trace Uppercase B Worksheet:

Trace Uppercase B worksheet

Unlike the balloons illustrated for the lowercase letter b tracing worksheet earlier, this worksheet has a big bear hunting fish. You need to first trace and then write the uppercase of the letter B. Then, trace and write the words provided which also includes bear, the animal illustrated here.

  1. Uppercase Lowercase Letter B Worksheet:

Uppercase Lowercase Letter B worksheet

Combining tracing the letters and coloring exercises, this worksheet is a perfect way to end this collection. Firstly, you need to trace both the uppercase and lowercase of the letter B or b. Once you are done, you can check out all the images provided and use colors to fill only those particular images that begin with the letter B.

With that fun combined activity, we have reached the end of this playful and educational collection of letter B worksheets. Hope you have now excelled in lettering both the uppercase and lowercase of the letter B as well as refined your coloring skills. You can continue the fun exercise by identifying things starting with the letter b in your room or even the entire house.


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