22 Free Letter D Worksheets and Printable For Kids

Letter D Worksheets for children

One of the first things we learn is to be able to communicate. While there are varied languages around the world with their own set of letters and alphabet, today’s worksheet is dedicated to the English language. We bring you a collection that’s all about the fourth letter of the English alphabet, the letter D. If you haven’t yet checked out the other collections, be sure to first go through the Letter A, B, and C worksheets as well.

There are two ways to write the letter D – in uppercase format or as a capital letter and lowercase or small letter. The uppercase letter D resembles a semicircle and the lowercase letter d is like a mirror image of the lowercase letter b. Let’s dive into all things D through this exciting collection of letter D worksheets and printables for kids.

22 Free Letter D Worksheets and Printable

  1. Letter D Worksheet for Kids:

Alphabet D worksheet for kids


To start off this collection, we have a worksheet that combines five different activities into one. Firstly, there’s a jumble of letters from which you need to find out the letter D or d and circle them. Next, write the letter D or d five times, both in uppercase and lowercase. Then write down words that begin with the letter D. Lastly, draw an image of anything beginning with the letter D.

  1. Match the Word with the Image:

Alphabet D worksheets for kids

There are five different images drawn in color on the right-hand side of this worksheet. On the left-hand side are names starting with the letter D. The activity is to correctly match the images with the words.

  1. Color the Squares Worksheet:

Color the squares worksheet

Time to bring out your colors. There are different letters written inside each square on this worksheet. What you have to do is skillfully spot the squares with the letter D and then fill some colors in only those squares.

  1. Trace, Cut, and Paste Worksheet:

Cut and paste worksheet printable

This activity involves two separate things. There’s the cut and paste, where you need to cut the images at the bottom and paste them in the blank squares. Another is to trace both the uppercase and the lowercase letter D or d. You can choose which one to begin first and then finish the other.

  1. D for Dog Worksheet:

D for Dog worksheet

One of the first things that come to mind when we think of words with the letter D is the dog. Human’s best friend, D for Dog is smiling widely at you from this worksheet, drooling over a bone. You can fill in colors and then trace the sentence: D is for the dog.

  1. D for Dolphin Worksheet:

D for dolphin worksheet

Another animal with a reputation for being adorably cute is a sea creature. It’s D for Dolphin. This worksheet already comes with a colored dolphin. You need to simply trace the sentence at the bottom which says, D is for Dolphin.

  1. “Dr” Sound Worksheet:

Dr sound worksheet

Words have different sounds and different spellings. Some can be similar while others are not at all. The combination of letters, especially starting letters in words, also changes the sound. Like here we have words starting with a combination of the letters D and R, giving the “Dr” sound.

  1. Letter D Activity Worksheet:

Letter D activity worksheet

Let’s start a fun game of coloring that involves playing a popular game – I spy. Among the different letters that are written inside the circles, you will have to spot the letter D or d. Then go on to color those circles. Beware, there are little ducks everywhere to confuse you in the game.

  1. Letter D Coloring Page for Kids:

Letter D coloring page for kids

An artistic page for kids awaits you here. The huge uppercase letter D is sheltering some flowering plants on this coloring page. The leaves and the flowers have wrapped themselves around the letter D. Once you print the coloring page, you can fill solid color for the letter D. For the plants, green for the leaves, and bright pastel colors for the flowers.

  1. Letter D Coloring Worksheet:

Letter D coloring worksheet

In this jumble of random letters, you need to find both the uppercase and the lowercase of the letter D or d. Once you have spotted them, you can give them some of your favorite colors. If you want, you can color the lowercase d in one color and a different color for the uppercase D.

  1. Letter D Cut and Paste Worksheet:

Letter D cut and paste worksheet

The images having names starting with the letter D are drawn at the center of this worksheet. Next to the images are blank boxes. This activity involves you cutting the words written below and paste them next to the corresponding images. Then, beautifully trace the sentence written at the bottom of the page.

  1. Letter D DIY Bookmark:

Letter D DIY bookmark

It’s time now for some DIY or Do It Yourself activity. We are going to be making two DIY bookmarks through this activity. But first, you must print this worksheet and fill in some brilliant colors. For the drum bookmark, you will need to trace the uppercase letter D as well. Once done, you can expertly cut along the dotted lines to create bookmarks.

  1. Tracing Letter D Words Worksheet:

Letter D tracing worksheet printable

You have already done a few tracing exercises so far in this collection. For this worksheet, instead of the letter, we have a tracing exercise for complete words beginning with the letter D. There are colorful illustrations as well to make it easier for you to associate the words with the correct images.

  1. Letter D Tracing Worksheet:

Letter D tracing worksheet

Now, we are back to tracing the letter D. In the first line you will need to trace the uppercase letter D and then work on tracing the lowercase letter d in the next line. After this, there is a fun game of coloring which needs you to first identify which images have names starting with the letter D and then color those images.

  1. Letter D Word Scrabble:

Letter D Word Scrabble

This letter D worksheet involves a word scrabble game. There are twenty words written incorrectly, followed by the space for you to write them correctly. One or two letters are provided to help you figure out the answer. To help you further, the right words are listed together in the box above.

  1. Letter D Worksheet for Preschoolers:

Letter D worksheet for preschoolers

After that fun but not-so-easy worksheet, this is a simple tracing exercise for preschoolers. Simply trace the uppercase and the lowercase letter d, as given on this worksheet. While doing so, you can also identify the images above. Hint: They are both edible; one is cooked food and the other is fruit.

  1. Letter D Case Differentiation Worksheet:

Letter D worksheet printable

Let’s roll the drums and begin a fun coloring activity. The three drums illustrated on this worksheet have letter D or d written in them. When you find the lowercase d, fill that area with blue color and give the color red in those areas where the uppercase D is written. After coloring, you can end this worksheet by brilliantly tracing the sentence at the bottom.

  1. Circle Letter D Things Worksheet:

Letter D worksheet

Look at these colorful images on this worksheet. Can you identify each one of them? Great! Now, draw a circle around those images that start with the letter D. For the second part of this worksheet, you need to write down the words starting with the letter D.

  1. Draw Letter D Images Worksheet:

Letter D worksheets

To begin this worksheet, you have to depend on your expert drawing skills. In the box provided, you will have to first draw images of things starting with the letter D. Then, carry on to trace the uppercase letter D. Finish off by writing down the names of the images that you have drawn in the box above.

  1. Lowercase Letter D Tracing Worksheet:

Lowercase Letter D worksheet

Dedicated only to the lowercase letter d, this worksheet is being overseen by the watchful eyes of the bright and yellow duck at the top. With full concentration trace all the lowercase letter d before finishing off by tracing the words beginning with the letter d.

  1. Uppercase Letter D Tracing Worksheet:

Uppercase Letter D worksheet

After the lowercase fun worksheet, here we have the uppercase letter D tracing worksheet. Unlike the duck, we have an illustration of a desk. Is it similar to your study desk? Work on your desk and trace the uppercase letter D a few times before tracing the letter D words: DIG, DOCTOR, and DINOSAUR.

  1. Circle Uppercase Letter D:

Worksheets of letter D

Continuing with the uppercase letter D, this fun worksheet requires you to first spot the capital letter D and then circle them. Try not to get too distracted by the appetizing image of the doughnut or the adorable dog.

With that fun uppercase letter D circling worksheet we have come to the end of this informative, playful and educative collection dedicated to the fourth letter, D, of the English alphabet. After this fun worksheet, you might end up looking at things in your day-to-day life and start identifying those that start with the letter D. You can even turn it into a fun “I Spy Letter D” game with your family and friends.

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