26 Free Letter A Worksheets and Printables

Letter A Worksheets Printable

Learning how to read and write is one of the first basic skills we acquire in schools. In any language, the first thing we study is the alphabet and numbers. The best way to learn anything new is to keep practicing it. To help you do just that, we bring you a collection of worksheets dedicated to the letter A.

From writing in upper and lower cases to writing in cursive, from different words starting with the letter A to identifying the images, this collection of letter A worksheets will help you to expertly learn all about the first letter of the English alphabet.

26 Free Letter A Worksheets and Printables

  1. A for Airplane Worksheet for Kids:

A for airplane worksheet for kids

We are giving a flying start to this collection with this “A for Airplane” worksheet for kids. While a simple outline of an airplane represents a thing starting with the letter A, the worksheet has rows of upper case and lower case letter A that you can trace to practice your handwriting.

  1. Trace the Letter A for Airplane:

A for Airplane worksheet

Here we have another “A for airplane” illustration along with handwriting practice for letter A. This time it’s only for the upper case. You not only get to learn how to write the capital A by tracing the given sample but also practice writing on your own in the blank line below.

  1. A for Apple Worksheet for Kids:

A for Apple worksheet for kids

After flying around in an airplane, the letter A seems to have landed on an apple in this illustration. Doesn’t the apple look delicious? You can have some apples while you practice lettering this worksheet. Simply trace the letter A already written in dotted lines and write the same below.

  1. Letter A Words Worksheet:


Alphabet A worksheetsWe are now shifting our focus to the lower case of the letter “a” on this worksheet. After first practicing by tracing the letter a, you can continue writing on your own. Once you complete doing that, there are a few words for you to trace and write as well. Be sure to do a good job, as the strict ant is watching you.

  1. Color and Write Letter A Worksheet:

Color and Write Letter A worksheet

This worksheet adds the fun of coloring and writing together. You can color both the upper case and lower case letter A along with the corresponding images – one is an apple and the other is an alligator. After coloring, expertly trace the letters below.

  1. Color the Images, Things Starting with Letter A:


Color The Images Starting With Letter AThere’s a giant A in the middle of this worksheet surrounded by items that start with the same letter. You can see the half-cut apple on the top right and an anchor for a boat or ship on the top left. Figure out the other things and color them accurately.

  1. Color the Pyramid of Apples:

Color the Letter A worksheet

Here’s a fun exercise that mixes up coloring and math. The illustration shows a pyramid made of apples. If you look closely, each apple has the letter A written inside, in upper or lower case. Color capital A apples red and fill green for lower case ‘a’ apples. Finish by answering the math problem correctly.

  1. Cursive Letter A Worksheet:

Cursive Letter A worksheet

It’s time now to learn how to write the letter A in cursive handwriting. For this fun exercise, you can trace the letters in upper and lower cases, before writing them on their own. There are also a couple of words for you to practice your cursive writing.

  1. Dot Art with Letter A:

Dot Art With Letter A

If you are feeling tired after that cursive fun writing, here’s a special coloring art for you. This giant capital letter A is riddled with dots inside it. You need to fill each of the dots with different colors.

  1. Trace the Words Starting with A:

Free printable letter A worksheets

The colorful images on the left-hand side come with their corresponding names on the right-hand side. The words are written in dotted lines. All you need to do is practice writing these words by tracing them exactly.

  1. Artistic Letter A Coloring Page:

Letter A coloring page

After watching all those colorful images starting with the letter A, you can create your own colorful art with this coloring page. Look at the flowers blooming around the capital letter A. Bring these flowering plants to life with your coloring skills.

  1. Match Words with Images:

Letter A matching worksheet

Time to play, match the column! The left-hand side has colorfully illustrated images while the right-hand side has the names of these images. But they are not aligned properly. You need to connect the images with the right words.

  1. Letter A Recognition Worksheet:

Letter A recognition worksheet

Looking at images helps us to identify how they look like. This entertaining letter A recognition worksheet will help you to identify and memorize a few things that have names starting with the letter A.

  1. Tracing Uppercase and Lowercase A:

Letter A Tracing worksheet

Let’s see if you have managed to excel in writing both the uppercase and lowercase of the letter A. Once you have successfully traced the letters, there’s a fun coloring exercise below. Look at the images and identify which ones start with the letter A. Then color only those images.

  1. Circle Objects Starting with A:

Letter A worksheet for kids

If you were able to correctly identify and color the images starting with the letter A, then this worksheet should be comparatively easier for you. Carefully observe each of the objects illustrated here and circle only those that begin with the letter A.

  1. Letter A Worksheet for Preschoolers:

Letter A worksheet for preschoolers

This worksheet is an easy exercise for preschoolers to practice writing the capital letter A. You can admire the beautifully illustrated airplane while you trace the letters and write the words afterward on your own.

  1. Find the Letter A Worksheet:

Letter A worksheet printable

There are a lot of different letters from the English alphabet jumbled up on this worksheet. All that you need to do is to make sure you carefully identify and circle the letter A or a.

  1. Letter A Worksheet:

Letter A Worksheet

We now circle back to the handwriting practice by tracing the letter A. Giving you motivation to complete the task successfully are some colorful letter A images. Instead of writing the upper and lower cases separately, here you can practice writing them together each time.

  1. Circle, Write, and Draw Worksheet:

Letter A worksheets free printable

This letter A worksheet combines a few different fun things for you to do. The first exercise requires you to circle the letter A or a. Followed by writing the letter A and a, five times in upper and lower cases. Next, write down words starting with the letter a. Finally, finish off by drawing something that begins with the letter A.

  1. Things Starting with Letter A:

Letter A worksheets

This giant capital letter A has some cool images inside it. A couple of them you might have already seen earlier in this collection like the anchor, an acorn, and the apple. Identify the new ones and color each of them accurately.

  1. Lower Case “a” Tracing Worksheet for Kids:

Lower case a tracing worksheet for kids

After that huge capital A, here is an exercise to expertly write the letter ‘a’ in lower case. The top row is an example of how it should look. The below rows have letter ‘a’ in dotted lines for you to successfully trace.

  1. Letter A Words Search:

Letter A Word Search


A fun game like a treasure hunt! There are several words starting with the letter A hidden in a box filled with letters. The words are given below, you simply have to find them inside the box. Follow the instruction carefully to find your word treasure.

  1. Trace Lower Case a Worksheet:

Trace Lower case a worksheet

Let’s see if you have become proficient in writing the lower case of the letter ‘a’. To make it easier for you, you can first trace the letter before you begin to write them on your own. Do the same for the words at the bottom as well.

  1. Trace Upper Case A:

Upper case A tracing worksheet

Now that you have excelled in writing the lower case, this worksheet comes with the upper case letter A tracing exercise. The set examples are boldly written at the top, followed by multiple rows of dotted capital A for you to trace.

  1. Upper Case Letter A Worksheet:

Upper case letter A worksheet

How about adding some words to your upper case letter A exercise? This worksheet has a few words beginning with the letter A at the bottom. But first, you have to trace all the ‘As’ given above. Since you have become an expert, this should be easy for you to do.

  1. Writing Letters Worksheet:

Writing Letters worksheet

You have successfully learned how to write the letter A, both in upper and lower cases. That’s why this worksheet is here with the following few letters after the letter A. Each letter is written in upper and lower cases which you can replicate in the space provided.

With that fun exercise, we have come to the end of this exciting and educational collection of letter A worksheets. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the collection and have now mastered the first letter of the English alphabet.


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