25 Free Simple Addition Worksheets For Kids

Simple Addition Worksheets

You all must be knowing by now that the aim of Nerdy Caterpillar is to make learning fun and easy. And this holds importance especially in the early days of a child’s schooling. Kids are introduced to something completely alien and you want to adapt them to schooling and studying as soon as possible. And it’s where worksheets come into the scene. So to help the kids learn math, we’ve got them a collection of free printable simple addition worksheets.

Addition is a mathematical operation in which we combine two or more numbers to make a bigger number. The symbol of addition is (+) or plus in English. Since it’s the easiest form of Math, kids often enjoy solving addition problems. And it becomes even more happening when it’s introduced via worksheets. So today we’ve got some simple addition worksheets for Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.

25 Free Simple Addition Worksheets

Take a look at our gallery of free simple addition worksheets printable below. We’ve got you worksheets loaded with single digit, double-digit and triple-digit equations. Some worksheets even have dots to help you learn addition in the best way possible.

We’ve even got you addition worksheets using pictures, which, we believe, is an excellent way for the kids to learn math. That’s not all, we’ve even got addition problems, where we’ve included a story and your child has to find the answers adding the numbers. Could Math get any more fun?

All the worksheets are free and can be downloaded or printed as many times as you want, as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes. We will be included a lot more worksheets on different subjects and categories. So subscribe to our mailing list, if you haven’t already. Until then, keep studying and keep having fun.


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